10 Tests Every Woman Should Take in Her 40s

A key aspect of ageing well for every woman is managing stress. Men still manage to handle ageing, but it’s pretty hard for females to maintain their fitness and health.

Therefore, some tests must be part of the routine woman’s health check, which can help prevent severe diseases that can be life-threatening if they remain untreated. 

If you are now a 40 years old lady who doesn’t want to lay in bed every day and stay away from frequent visits to the hospital, then you should include these health tests to ensure your well-being in long term.

Necessary Tests for Females After 40 Years

During a woman’s health check, your doctor may ask you for details of your previous health record or any abnormality you noticed recently. It is good to pay close attention to your symptoms and any irregularities you may have in terms of your health.

In most cases, the doctors diagnose the disease right after listening to the signs and symptoms but to confirm and mark the intensity of the disease; a test is necessary. 

There is no difference between a 40-year-old woman and a 15 years girl when it comes to collecting blood samples through phlebotomy. However, most tests require physical examination as well as laboratory testing. We have compiled a list of tests that women should take to ensure they age well and their health is in order.


Breast Cancer Test

Breast cancer is a crucial matter for females of the age group between 15-45 years. The production of lumps in the breasts can be detected by hand feel. Furthermore, mammography is necessary for every woman who crosses the age of 40.

Screening for Infections

Infections can be problematic because some viruses and bacteria show symptoms after some time. For example,  in the case of TB, Hepatitis, and HIV, the person that suffers from them can be an undetected and asymptomatic carrier at the start.


Diabetes can transfer from parents to offspring. Hence if you have suffered from a surge in the glucose level or have it running in the family, add a glucose test to your checklist for the next medical checkup.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can cause heart diseases, renal failure, and hepatic problems. In addition, symptoms like nausea, headache, and muscular pain indicate high blood pressure.

EyeSight Checkup

Ageing not only targets skin glow but also affects a person’s eyesight. Furthermore, if anyone has diabetes, there is a high probability of blurriness of vision. Poor sight can interfere with your ability to drive and perform daily tasks in general, and therefore it is recommended to see your doctor whenever you notice any changes in your vision, even the smallest.

Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is essential for the human body, but if its level exceeds the normal range, it can be life-threatening. Hence to keep an eye on the levels, it’s better to get a test report of cholesterol levels in the body.

Cervical Cancer

Outgrowth on the cervix and warts can be indications of cancer; hence, the case of testing for cervical cancer is helpful to start the treatment if the disease is diagnosed on time.

Bone Density

Bone weakness can be problematic for a woman with duties of family and office on her shoulders. To deal with osteoporosis, a bone density test is essential.

Hearing Test

Factors like ageing, misuse of drugs, or any head injuries can affect a person’s hearing capacity. The test is painless, and no swab or blood sample is taken.

Dental Care

Tooth decay can be pretty painful, especially at the age of 40. Hence a dental checkup should be on your priority list to save teeth from decaying. A healthy smile for a woman is like a business card for a businessman, so making sure it is well maintained is a must.

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Last Words

There are many things that can help a woman age well, from physical activities to regular woman’s health checks. However, the most overlooked advice on ageing well is staying cognitive active. With age, we should maintain our brain health as well as it also suffers and give it work to do.