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Damp Specialists Glasgow | How to Protect Your Car from Developing Damp

Protecting your car from damp is essential, whether you drive an electric car or a race car, you want to ensure that you take care of it as much as possible. This article will tell you how you can protect your car from developing damp, as well as when it’s time to call damp specialists in Glasgow.

damp specialists Glasgow

Look for Signs of Damp

The first step to helping prevent damp developing in your car is to know what to look out for. Moisture in cars is pretty normal due to condensation, which is caused by warm air coming into contact with the cold glass of the windshield and windows. You want to remove as much moisture from the car as you can. Ensure that you;

  • Check car for leaks (especially in the boot and roof)
  • Lift up the rear carpet and make sure the rear wheel isn’t damp or full of water, if it is, scoop up as much as you can, then dry the rest with a towel

Leave A Few Windows Open on Sunny/Warm Days

Leaving a few windows slightly open on sunny or warm days allows warm air to circulate through the car, which will help circulate and remove any moisture that may be in your car. Just ensure to shut them again before the sunsets to avoid a build-up of dew.

Close Windows on Wet Days

Ensure that the windows and sunroof are closed if it begins to rain, we’ve all been in a situation where we have forgotten to shut the windows before it starts to rain, and then paid for it later. Constantly leaving windows open when it’s raining – even slightly – will result in you needing to call damp specialists in Glasgow a lot quicker.

Use Air Conditioning – Even in Winter!

Air conditioning is essential for keeping your car damp free as it helps remove moisture from the air. It is recommended by car damp specialists in Glasgow to switch the air conditioning on at least every fortnight during the winter, just ensure that you get the car to a comfortable temperature before turning it on. This will also help stop the pipes from drying out and leaking gas, as well as stopping it from smelling when you start to use it again in the summer.

Remove Wet Clothing or Items from Vehicle

Leaving any wet clothes, materials or other items in your car will create more moisture in the air. Even a small item such as a gym bag or kids swimming kit can add excess moisture to the inside of your car and will ultimately lead to a musky smell if left for too long.

Dry Wet Seats

If for any reason your seats get wet from;

  • Wet clothes
  • Spilt drink
  • Wet umbrella

Or any other source of moisture, then be sure to dry it up and either use your car heaters or a hairdryer with the windows open to remove excess moisture asap.

Remove Rubbish Regularly

Different types of rubbish can cause excess moisture to build up in your car, such as;

  • Leaking bottles
  • Sips of juice left in cans
  • Rotting apple core

Damp Specialists in Glasgow

If you think that you have a damp problem in your car and the methods listed above are not working, then it may be time to call damp specialists in Glasgow. Damp build up in your car can lead to issues with the engine, rusting and a whole host of other problems.