Five Places to Visit This Summer as Covid Restrictions Ease

As travelling restrictions ease in most countries, your desire to travel may be increasing. The world has many beautiful sights, cultures and experiences to offer. During the pandemic, travelling has been something most of us will have put on hold for a long time. However, now as time passes, restrictions ease and more countries are reopening their doors to tourists, you can visit your favourite places as well as visiting new ones. Here are five places to visit this summer as covid restrictions ease.

Rome, Italy

Rome is the most popular place to visit when in Italy. This is because it is rich in history, art, religion and has stayed traditional in its own ways. Rome is known for its wonderful cuisine and restaurants as well as the breath-taking architecture of buildings and chapels.

Another reason to visit Rome, is that you can easily walk around and see many tourist attractions. There is not a huge need for transport in order to get the full Rome experience as a lot of the attractions are close to one another.

Maui, Hawaii

After two years in a global pandemic, it is no wonder many crave a relaxing vacation. Maui is just the place to get this experience. It offers the most perfect, white-sand, relaxing beaches as well as plenty of greenery and amazing landscapes. Hawaii is flooded with culture and top restaurants too.

Maui also offers water sports and adventurous activities so that you have the choice of both a relaxing, and fun vacation.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a place loved by many and is added to many other’s bucket-lists. This is because New Zealand offers some of the most amazing landscapes with mountain ranges, huge forestry and stunning coastlines that go for miles.

It is also known for being an extremely friendly place to visit. New Zealanders are not shy to smile at strangers and restaurant services are always a 10/10.

It is a fun-filled trip for everyone to enjoy. You can take part in canyoning, jet boating, skydiving, abseiling etc.

Croydon, London

Croydon is every shopping-lovers dream. It is home to a large shopping centre that offers endless shops and restaurants for a great day out. Croydon is 15 minutes away from central London via train ensuring you get to see London’s famous attractions too. There are some travel restrictions in place in the UK, which is why it is important to research what you need before you try and visit. This may include Croydon travel testing procedures in place.

Manchester, England

If you are planning to visit England, United Kingdom then Manchester is must-see. It is home to the fourth largest shopping centre in the UK named ‘Trafford Centre’. Manchester is also well known for its successful music scene. With bands such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Joy Division etc emerging from the Mancunian music scene, there is endless musical history to see and experience in this city.