Go Karting track with two brightly coloured karts with people driving them

Formula Nuts | Hunt for the UK’s Next Racing Talent

The Formula Nuts competition is a nationwide hunt for the UK’s next big racing talent.

We are holding Karting Heat sat selected race tracks across the UK. One in ten entrants will go through to the Karting and then the best ten will make it to the Grand Final. We have selected some of the best kart circuits in the UK for you to show us and the Formula Nuts Grid Girls what you’re made of.



On booking your Formula Nuts entry, you will be asked to choose a preferred racing slot on the given day (either AM or PM). Each session will run to the following format:


Signing On – you will be asked to report to the Formula Nuts team on arrival at least 1 hour before the introductory debrief. Every entrant will then be weighed, in order to determine your weight class category.

Close up of go karting car

Introductions by the Formula Nuts team

The Formula Nuts BTCC driver coaches James Pickford and Danny Buxton will give a short tutorial covering technique and how to approach the 1st round of the competition with top tips for recording fast lap times

Clio Cup Introductory DVD –

a glimpse of what you can expect to be up against if you win the drive at Silverstone

Safety debrief – motorsport can be dangerous. Safety is very important.

Then, it’s off to the track, where you will each get:

3 timed sessions on track to show just what you can do behind the wheel of a racing kart. Every lap will be timed and recorded. The aim is to record the fastest times possible in each session.


Every competitor will get a detailed 1 on 1 assessment and de-brief from the Formula Nuts BTCC drivers following either your 1st or 2nd qualifying session, which should give you all the necessary help and guidance required to improve your performance throughout the day. The Formula Nuts team will then select 10 drivers to go through to the Karting Final on September 25th based on the 6 drivers with the fastest overall lap times plus 4 wild cards.

Indoor Go Karting Track with one kart

The wild cards will be chosen on a basis of speed, attitude, application and approach to the day. You need to be fast, but you also need to show potential for further improvement and have a good sensible attitude.


You will be free to go approximately 3 hours after your first timed session, but for those who want to, you are welcome to stay and watch your fellow contestants thrash it out for the whole day.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get through to the next round, you will not go away empty handed. Every Formula Nuts entrant will receive a goodie bag with mementos of your racing experience and a free 3-month subscription to NUTS magazine.