Why You Need An EV Charger For Home

Having an ev charger at home makes it easier and safer to charge your electric vehicle on your schedule. Plus, it can help you take advantage of cheaper electricity rates at off-peak times.

For the best results, choose a home charger that supports the type of charging your vehicle can accept. For Level 1 and Level 2 chargers, this is usually a J1772 connector.


A good electric car charger for home offers multiple safety features, including GFCIs and circuit breakers that prevent electrical short-circuits or arcs. It also has safety measures for overvoltage and over-temperature to protect the EV battery from damage.

Moreover, an EV charger for home is typically designed with overheating protection technology that stops charging when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees. This protects the EV battery from being damaged while charging, which can shorten its lifespan.

Safety Standards

In addition, an ev charger for home should have a grounding system that redirects any power surges into the ground, away from the vehicle and the charger. This feature is important because it reduces the risk of fire.

A good ev charger for home is UL/cUL-certified to make sure it meets national and local electric code requirements. It has internal checks for temperatures, overvoltage, and surges, so it is safe to use. It is also a smart device that regulates the charge to ensure it is safe for the user and the vehicle.


Charging your electric vehicle at home is one of the best ways to maximize your electric driving experience. Not only do you avoid a trip to the gas station and avoid pumping fuel, but you also save time, money and energy when you charge on your schedule.

There are many different EV charger models available today and each one has its own features. Some come with built-in Wi-Fi and a smart dashboard that allows users to check charging status, monitor their power consumption and receive notifications when the unit is ready for use.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is an important tool in the fight against climate change. It helps reduce pollution, saves money, and improves the resilience and reliability of the electric grid.

There are many ways to become an energy efficiency champion, including making improvements at home and at work. Even small changes can help cut down on energy use, lower your energy bill, and make your home more comfortable.


An ev charger for home is a crucial part of driving a fossil-free vehicle. Not only does it make it easy to charge your electric vehicle, but it also helps you avoid paying the high prices associated with gas stations and other traditional refueling services.

Choosing an EV charger that has been safety certified by a recognized testing laboratory is a good way to ensure its reliability and protect you from liability issues in the event of an accident or electrical failure.