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German Radiators & Modern Heat Exchangers

Whether you’re looking for a stylish alternative to your heat exchanger, traditional gas or oil heaters or want to reduce your carbon footprint, contemporary German radiators can help. They’re made to high standards of engineering and are the perfect addition to your home.

german radiators

These electric radiators are impeccably designed to get the most heat from the plug socket. They’re also a safe and reliable way to heat your home.


Known for their high standards in engineering, German radiators are a sure-fire bet when it comes to heating efficiency. Using advanced design and precision thermostats, they monitor your energy use, never letting it drop below your ideal comfort level or overheat the room.

These advanced controls allow you to set your radiator up on a timer, ensuring it only turns on when needed. Then, it will automatically switch off as soon as the room temperature reaches your desired setting.

The Aeroflow range features a fluted design which creates a large surface area to effectively spread warmth around the room. This ensures both radiant and convection heat is produced to help heat your home evenly, keeping the floor warm too.

These electric radiators have multiple ceramic clay cells, each containing an individually regulated heating element sealed inside. This means they’re a time-proven design that’s renowned for their excellent heating performance, comfort levels and longevity.


Ecoflow German electric radiators are built to exacting engineering standards and are renowned for their exceptional heating performance, efficiency and comfort levels. The unique chamotte fireclay ceramic plates within each radiator retain and slowly release heat energy through a fluted body, delivering an excellent level of control and comfort.

Each radiator comes with a digital electronic room thermostat, with a 7 day programming system so you can programme the heater to turn on at specific times of the day and night to suit your needs. This thermostat is able to detect temperature changes and will automatically switch on the heater for a short period of time, re-heating the internal ceramic plates so that the room remains at the desired temperature.

Each radiator also comes with a WIFI gateway to enable app control. Once set up you will be able to access all the heating programming and temperatures from any smart device. This will help keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the year.

Wi-Fi enabled

Wi-Fi enabled electric radiators have a lot to offer, from 24/7 programming and energy-saving features to remote heat management. They allow you to control your heating wherever you are, making them the perfect addition to holiday homes and rental properties.

These smart radiators use WiFi control to create bespoke heat schedules in advance, so your heater switches on and off exactly when you want it to – no more forgetting to turn it on or off while you’re away!

They also come with an innovative Away from Home function, based on geo-location data, which automatically detects when you leave your property and adjusts the temperature.

These modern radiators are easy to install and can be programmed remotely via the iHeat app, meaning you’ll have complete control of your heating at all times! They’re particularly popular with holiday lets and rental properties because they can help to reduce heating costs and increase comfort levels, without compromising on efficiency or safety.

German engineering

German radiators are designed to utilise the latest technology available. They make use of precision thermostats that are accurate to within a fraction of a degree so they never let your room temperature drift too low or rise too high, which can result in wasted energy.

They also have a long cool-down time, which means they can emit warmth even after they have stopped drawing power – sometimes up to 45 minutes after shutting off the heating. This means they don’t need to draw as much power to maintain your desired room temperature, which can save you money on your energy bills.

The design of German radiators is influenced by their country’s long-standing tradition of excellent engineering. Their mechanical engineers are famous for their innovation in the automotive industry and are known for their research into the development of marketable electro-motors, optimisation of combustion engines or lightweight design.